Bishop Coat f Arms_w500

  • The Cross – This traditional element in most of Episcopal coats of arms refers to the Bishop as a servant of Jesus.
  • The Staff with Lilies – the staff is the symbol of the pastoral authority if the bishop. The lilies denote St. Joseph, patron both of the bishops’ father, and of San Jose Seminary in Quezon City from which the Bishop had his formation. Bishop Mercado patterns his ministry after St. Joseph who took a loving care for Jesus and Mary, entrusted to him by the heavenly Father.
  • The Crown with an “M” – It refers to the City of Paraǹaque, which is under the patronage of Nuestra Seǹora del Buensuceso.
  • The Bamboo Organ – This unique and internationally acclaim musical instrument of St. Joseph Church symbolizes the City of Las Piǹas.
  • The Mountain and the Body of Water – These symbolizes the City of Muntinlupa, which borders with the Laguna de Bay.
  • “CONFIRMA FRATRES TUOS” – This motto, “strengthen your brethren” (luke 22:32) was commanded by the Risen Lord to Peter as a guideline for the pastoral ministry of the Church.
  • The Green Cap – It refers us to St. Joseph, who is the Patron of the Universal Church.
  • The Blue Field – It refers to the Virgin Mary, Patroness of the Diocese.
  • The Red to White Shade – Refers to the hope that through the bishop-elect’s ministry, the “dawn from on high (Jesus Christ) will come upon us” in the Diocese.